Gold is the premium currency.


Getting Gold

There are several ways to get gold:


It depend on the number of road. You can earn up to 12 gold a day.

Treasure Chests

At the end of the battle, if the enemy keep is destroyed, you will get a treasure chest that may contain some gold.


By completing objectives, you can earn gold.


Gold can be bought using real-world currency which also serves to support the freemium business model of the game.

Spending Gold

Speeding up the build, training or hero's recovery times

If should be counted as a Formula,

For 1st hour, it cost 40 gold.

For the remaining hours, add 20 each. ( N = hours, Gold needed = (N-1) * 20 + 40 )

Gold needed Save Time
20 30 mins
40 1 hrs
60 2 hrs
100 4 hrs
200 9 hrs
400 19 hrs
800 39 hrs

Buying resources

You can buy other resources with gold at the Market.

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