Gold is the premium currency.


Getting Gold

There are several ways to get gold:


It depend on the number of road. You can earn up to 12 gold a day.

Treasure Chests

At the end of the battle, if the enemy keep is destroyed, you will get a treasure chest that may contain some gold.


By completing objectives, you can earn gold.


Gold can be bought.

Spending Gold

Speeding up the build, training or hero's recovery times

If should be counted as a Formula,

For 1st hour, it cost 40 gold.

For the remaining hours, add 20 each. ( N = hours, Gold needed = (N-1) * 20 + 40 )

Gold needed Save Time
20 30 mins
40 1 hrs
60 2 hrs
100 4 hrs
200 9 hrs
400 19 hrs
800 39 hrs

Buying resources

You can buy other resources with gold at the Market.

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