"While other civilizations acquired the secrets of the Byzantine's Greek fire, it was so closely guarded and dangerous that it is lost to us today."


  • The flame tower shoots devastating bouts of Greek fire down upon the enemy. Attackers struck by this fire burn for a short period even if they move out of range. The tower fires continuously at short range and is excellent for taking out troops.
  • The Flame Tower is a defensive structure that bathes enemies in flames. It's preferred target is foot soldiers. At close range it fires continuously.
  • Ignites enemies, doing damage over time.

Offensive Strategy

Defensive Strategy

  • Place near important buildings.
  • Will protect trebuchet from ladder invaders but needs other towers to protect it from attacking trebuchets

Level Health Attack DPS Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Required Age
1 12,000 Health 150 DPS 189 DPS 75,000 Stone 3d Age06
2 13,500 Health 173 DPS 218 DPS 200,000 Stone 4d 12h Age07
3 15,188 Health 200 DPS 251 DPS 300,000 Stone 6d Age07
4 16,707 Health 230 DPS 289 DPS 400,000 Stone 7d 12h Age08
5 18,380 Health 265 DPS 333 DPS 500,000 Stone 9d Age09

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