Age of Empires Castle Siege Wiki

"Wooden siege engines of the medieval period often carried stores of water or vinegar to defend against fire attacks. "


  • The fire trap is an area of ground soaked in oil. When enemies enter it, the oil is ignited, damaging the troops within. Place fire traps near choke points or exposed areas of entry to your castle.
  • A Fire Trap is a defensive structure that ignites enemy troops, dealing heavy damage over time.

Offensive Strategy

  • Fire Traps quickly eliminate light troops such as Raiders.
  • Move troops out of the fire as quickly as possible.
  • The fire is limited to a inner circle; thus you can trigger the trap at the corners without burning your units.

Defensive Strategy

  • Place them where a enemy troops are likely to be amassed.
  • Pair them with Ballista Towers to maximize damage to the enemy.
  • Honor items can be placed on fire traps! You can either irritate the attacker with "fake traps" of arranged honor items or camouflage the trap's position.
Level Attack DPS Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Age Required
1 2,430 Damage 135 Damage 7,500 Wood 10h Age 6
2 3,150 Damage 175 Damage 15,000 Wood 14h Age 6
3 3,780 Damage 210 Damage 40,000 Wood 18h Age 7
4 4,536 Damage 252 Damage 70,000 Wood 24h Age 7
5 5,220 Damage 290 Damage 120,000 Wood 1d 6h Age 8
6 6,012 Damage 334 Damage 350,000 Wood 1d 12h Age 9
7 6,607 Damage 367 Damage 500,000 Wood 2d Age 10

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