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"A sortie is a sudden issuing of troops from a defensive position, often through hidden tunnels, to attack approaching troops or siege weaponry."


  • Engineers hide in specially constructed holes and jump out when siege weapons are near. They do tremendous damage to them. Place your engineer traps where enemies are likely to deploy their siege weapons.
  • Engineer Traps hold saboteurs who attack and quickly destroy siege units. They can attack indefinitely if not killed. Unlike other traps, these ones have a range instead of existing for a set period of time.

Offensive Strategy

  • As any siege unit will trigger an engineer trap, one valid strategy is to send a battering ram through an area to trigger engineer traps before deploying more valuable siege units like trebuchets.
  • Cavalry are effective at destroying saboteurs if deployed quickly before they have a chance to destroy your seige units. Longbowmen will also auto-target saboteurs if they are within range and not targeting something else.
  • Joan of Arc can convert saboteurs with her ability.  While they aren't very useful as attackers, this method can prevent them from destroying your siege units if you have no other troops to quickly stop them.
  • Charles Martel or the decoy created by Raise the Colors can be used to taunt engineers away from their preferred siege targets.

Defensive Strategy

  • Upgrade them!
  • Close to the keep.
  • Outside the castle.
  • Near important wall segments or unprotected wall segments.
Level Health Attack DPS Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Age Required
1 120 Health 300 DPS 10 DPS 7,500 Food 10h Age05
2 150 Health 390 DPS 13 DPS 15,000 Food 14h Age06
3 195 Health 510 DPS 17 DPS 40,000 Food 18h Age07
4 255 Health 660 DPS 22 DPS 70,000 Food 1d Age07
5 333 Health 750 DPS 25 DPS 120,000 Food 1d 6h Age08
6 433 Health 840 DPS 28 DPS 200,000 Food 2d Age10

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