Age of Empires Castle Siege Wiki


"He ruled during the decline of chivalric and during the start of the 100 Years' War, in which he won the battles of Crecy and Poitiers."


  • Edward the Black Prince can do tremendous damage to a single building with his Dismantle special ability (drag the Ability button onto the desired target).
  • Good on towers and the keep.

Offensive Strategy

  • Edward can be used in two key ways:
    • Firstly he can be deployed at any stage of the battle to use his dismantle ability on a defensive structure. best used on Trebuchet Emplacement and Ballista Tower.
    • The alternative way to use him is to deal massive damage to the keep. He is practically capable of using dismantle twice to destroy it on his own. Use this tactic if your attack is going to plan as an attempt to destroy the keep and gain victory.


  • Spell damage reduced if men in his squad die. (Not anymore after 1.10 Update)
Level Health Attack DPS Recovery Time Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Ability
1 12,000 Template:Health 250 Template:Attack 250 Template:Attack 6h Template:Time 3,500 Template:PBritons N/A x2 Template:Attack
2 14,400 Template:Health 285 Template:Attack 285 Template:Attack 7h Template:Time 7,500 Template:PBritons 2d x3 Template:Attack