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*The Economy buildings allow you to produce ressources.
*The Economy buildings produce resources.

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Weurope farm level11 Weurope silo level09 Weurope mill level11 Weurope lumber yard level09
Farm Silo Mill Lumberyard
Weurope quarry level08 Weurope store house level07 Britons church level06 Weurope road
Quarry Storehouse Cathedral Road

  • The Economy buildings produce resources.

Economy FarmSiloMillLumberyardQuarryStorehouseCathedralRoad
Fortification Archer TowerCrossbow TowerBallista TowerFlame TowerMusket TowerCatapult EmplacementTrebuchet EmplacementWatch SignalGuard HousePatrol PointCaltropsEngineer TrapFire TrapWall
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Other Buildings KeepHonor
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