Age of Empires Castle Siege Wiki

You can also get crowns or not lose any of your crowns by successfully destroying someone's keep.


  • Crowns are how you show your success in multiplayer battles!
  • You earn crowns by successfully attacking enemy castles or successfully defending your castle from attack. You lose crowns, however, when you fail in battle.
  • The leaderboard is determined by the number of crowns a player or an alliance has. The top 200 are listed.

The amount of crowns you win or lose is proportional to the crowns of the person being attacked and the amount of stars you get. If you attack a person with high crowns you can take more. And if you win with one star you only get about a third of the crowns you would get if you got all 3 stars. Same goes for defending. If you have a lot of crowns you'll lose more when you lose a defense. Also you lose more when your attacker gets more stars.