Template:Unit Infobox Crossbowmen are basic ranged soldiers, unlocked from the Level 2 Archery Range. Like all Archery Range units they take up 1 army camp space. the preferred target of Crossbowmen is towers and they get bonus damage against towers.

Crossbowman or also known as Heavy Crossbowman depending on the upgrade level.

General Assessment


  • Bonus against towers.
  • Ranged attack


  • Poor health and attack.



  • xxx


  • xxx


Level Health Attack Training Costs Training Time Upgrade Costs Upgrade Time Required Archery Range
1 Crossbowman food sec food d h m
2 Crossbowman food sec food d h m
3 195 12 35 food 60 sec food d h m
4 Heavy Crossbowman 255 16 40 food 65 sec 25,000 food 1d
5 Heavy Crossbowman 333 18 food 70 sec 75,000 food 2d 5
6 food sec food d h m
? food sec food d h m
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