"Crossbowman (Level 1-3): Crossbows were easy to use though slow. They were able to pierce defenses previously unreachable in battle."

"Heavy Crossbowman (Level 4-5): Though longbows were faster, heavy crossbows still carried more impact and remained common on the battlefields of Medieval Europe. "

"Arquebuser (Level 6-8): These low-velocity matchlock weapons were the first proto muskets and were able to pierce all but the heaviest plate at close range."


  • Crossbowmen receive a damage bonus against towers(DPS*30). They are lightly armored and should be deployed behind heavy infantry or other well-armored troops.
  • Crossbowmen are basic ranged soldiers, unlocked from the Level 1 Archery Range.
  • Crossbowmen will be slain easily if engaged in melee by your troops
  • Bonus against Grenadier and towers (Archer Tower, Crossbow Tower, Ballista Tower, Flame Tower, Musket Tower).
  • Ranged attack
  • Poor health and attack.
  • Poor range, need to get in close.

Offensive Strategy

  • Deploy Crossbowmen to take out enemy towers. Always use other units such as infantry to act as a meat shield.
  • Also put to good use if deployed while other units are fighting defensive units as they take out the defensive units quickly
  • Do not deploy alone as they have very low health and only takes one blow from the like of a catapult emplacement to wipe them out entirely

Defensive Strategy

  • Crossbowmen CAN NOT be used in defense.
Level Health Attack DPS Training Cost Training Time Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Archery Range Level Required
1 140 Health 7 DPS 7 DPS 20 Food 40s N/A N/A 1
2 150 Health 9 DPS 9 DPS 30 Food 50s 2,600 Food 3h 2
3 195 Health 12 DPS 12 DPS 35 Food 60s 9,000 Food 10h 3
4 255 Health 16 DPS 16 DPS 40 Food 65s 25,000 Food 1d 4
5 333 Health 18 DPS 18 DPS 50 Food 70s 75,000 Food 2d 5
6 400 Health 21 DPS 21 DPS 70 Food 80s 700,000 Food 5d 7
7 480 Health 24 DPS 24 DPS 80 Food 85s 1,500,000 Food 7d 8
8 552 Health 27 DPS 27 DPS Food 90s 2,500,000 Food 10d 9

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