Age of Empires Castle Siege Wiki

"These proto flamethrower troops were, by the tenth century, a common and effective part of Byzantine fighting forces."


  • Cheirosiphons spray Greek fire across short distances to inflict massive damage. At close range, they are deadly. Shield them with tougher troops to get them in close.
  • They attack with flame, ignite buildings and units, doing damage over time.
  • Deadly in close combat.
  • Easily killed by long ranged troops.
  • Slow.

Offensive Strategy

  • Cheirosiphons can swiftly destroy melee troops.
  • If protected by a meat-shield, can be used to take out towers very quickly (used much like crossbowmen)
  • Ranged units can swiftly destroy them.
  • Can be used as a sub-siege weapon, as at lower age levels, if not being fired upon, Cheirosiphons can swiftly take down walls.

Defensive Strategy

  • Cheirosiphons are an excellent choice for the Guard House or the Patrol Point. As long as the guard house still stands they become very effective the longer the battle. Most units other than Longbowmen and Mamluks have to engage them and receive high damage.
Level Health Attack DPS Training Cost Training Time Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Cultural Barracks Level Required
1 231 Health 20 Damage 274 Damage 40 Food 65s 500 Byzantines N/A 1
2 277 Health 24 Damage 330 Damage 50 Food 70s 1,500 Byzantines

87,500 Wood

1d 8h 2
3 333 Health 30 Damage 399 Damage 60 Food 75s 4,000 Byzantines

375,000 Wood

2d 6h 3
4 385 Health 34 Damage 461 Damage 70 Food 80s 7,500 Byzantines

715,000 Wood

3d 12h 4
5 443 Health Damage 529 Damage 80 Food 85s 15,000 Byzantines

1,500,000 Wood

4d 5

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