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General Assessment


  • Health. This guy is a tank.
  • Attack. Almost as good as a ram.
  • Ability. All enemy fire and defenders attack him while you rip apart the keep and steel his goods.


  • Eventually will run out of taunts and health.



  • Drive him into the middle of the fray and invoke his ability. All of the the nearby attackers, towers and emplacements will attack Martel and you can attack all of them with your forces.


  • xxx


Level Health Attack DPS Recovery Time Upgrade Costs Upgrade Time Special Ability
1 5,000 240 240 20m 100 Template:Pennant Franks* / 1x
2 15,000 300 300 1h 30m 1,250 Template:Pennant Franks 12h 2x
3 22,500 360 360 4h 30m  4,500 Template:Pennant Franks 1d 3x
4 25,875 415 415 6h 7,500 Template:Pennant Franks 2d 4x

* First level free for a Hero of your own Civilization.

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