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"A caltrop is composed of four spikes arranged so that when it is tossed on the ground, one spike is always pointing up to slow an advance."


  • Caltrops are small metal spikes placed on the ground and hidden from enemy view. Troops crossing an area filled with caltrops suffer damage and are slowed down. Use caltrops to slow the enemy advance.
  • Hidden trap that damages and slows down soldiers that come near it during it's duration.

Offensive Strategy

  • Avoid them!
  • Keep siege units away from them

Defensive Strategy

  • Close to the keep to slow down the rush
  • Outside the castle to slow attackers down and keep them under fire


  • Duration of caltrops increased from 10s to 60s (Patch 1.11)

Level Attack DPS Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Age Required
1 120 DPS 2 DPS 300 Food 15m Age03
2 180 DPS 3 DPS 600 Food 45m Age04
3 240 DPS 4 DPS 2,000 Food 2h Age05
4 300 DPS 5 DPS 7,500 Food 3h Age06
5 360 DPS 6 DPS 15,000 Food 4h Age06
6 420 DPS 7 DPS 40,000 Food 6h Age07
7 480 DPS 8 DPS 60,000 Food 9h Age07
8 DPS DPS 75,000 Food 12h Age10

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