Tower of London

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"William the Conqueror laid the foundation for the Tower of London in 1078. It has been used as a royal residence, prison, armory, treasury and a menagerie among others. The Tower of London was a key strategic point for many years."

Controlling the Tower of London was of strategic importance for keeping control of the country.

Kizhi Pogost

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"Located on Kizhi island, and containing a bell tower and two huge churches, Kizhi Pogost is constructed entirely of wood without the use of any nails. It was built in the 17th century and has survived despite its wooden construction."

A center of spiritual life in the region, Kizhi Pogost is a symbol of economic, and social ties.

Basilica San Vitale

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"Constructed from 527 to 547, the Basilica of San Vitale is an important example of art and architecture in western Europe. It is the only major church from the period of early Byzantine art to survive down through history."

Ravenna was Captured by Belisarius in 540 and became the centre of Byzantine control in Italy.


  • You need to be in an alliance to activate Wonder Boosts.
Boost Name Image Description Duration Activation Cost
Brace the Walls
Grants a bonus to the health of all walls for the duration. 3d 30,000Stone or 60Gold
Advanced Scouting
While active, allows you to view enemy traps during the castle scout phase. Traps will become invisible again once combat begins. 1d 100,000Wood or 100Gold
Sound the Alarm
While activated, when your keep is first damaged, all inactive patrol points and guards houses activate, guard house deploy time shortens and a squad of engineers deploys from the keep. 2d 120,000Food or 120Gold
Trade Envoy
While activated, the daily gold reward for roads is increased. 7d 24,000Food or 24Gold
While active, extra bonus pennants are awarded when attacking any building that pennants can be looted from (the defender does not lose the extra pennants). 1d 50,000Wood or 50Gold
For the duration of expansion farms, mills and quarries all produce extra bonus resources. 2d 72,500Food or 125Gold
Raise the Colors
While active, a decoy object is available to deploy during attack (selected the same way troops are selected). Defences within range will target the decoy until it is destroyed. If the object survives it remains in the enemy's castle as a reminder of their defeat. 1d 35,000Stone or 70Gold
Poison the Well
While active, for each attack, all defending enemy troops (except from the watch signal) will suffer a penalty to health and damage. 1d 120,000Food or 120Gold
Reserve Force
While active, after all troops have been deployed and no more troops are in the field, you will receive more slots of troops to deploy, randomly selected from your roster. 1d 100,000Wood or 100Gold

Wonder Task Description
Trigger Traps Trigger a total of [n] traps in multiplayer battles.
Loot Resources Loot a total of [n] [r] in multiplayer battles.
Loot Resources Any Loot a total of [n] resources of any type in multiplayer battles.
Loot Pennants Loot a total of [n] pennants of any civilization in multiplayer battles.
Donate Resources Donate a total of [n] [r] by increments of [i] for wonder construction.
Donate Pennants Donate a total of [n] pennants of your current civilization by increments of [i] for wonder construction.
Donate Troops Donate a total of [n] units to alliance members.
Collect Stars Collect [n] stars attacking in multiplayer battles.
Destroy Buildings Destroy [n] [b] in multiplayer battles.
Win Battles Win [n] attacks.

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