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General Assessment


  • xxx


  • Low health.
  • Cannot do much besides destroying walls.



  • Use him to create hole in a wall and then rush in your army to take down the keep. Mostly victory guaranteed.(Can use ability multiple times once upgraded). Each level up gets an additional undermine (another wall piece can be destroyed).
  • Better used in combination with Edward the Black Prince, Charlemagne (cavalry rush) or Richard the Lionheart (troop rush).


  • xxx


Level Health Attack DPS Recovery Time Upgrade Costs Upgrade Time Special Ability
1 5,000 240 240 20m 250 pennants* Instantaneously 1x
2 6,400 300 300 1h 30m 1,250 pennants 12h 2x
3 8,000 360 4h 30m  4,500 pennants 1d 3x
4 9,200 415 6h 7,500 pennants 2d ?

* First level free for a Hero of your own Civilization.

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