Battle Cost

Age Age01 Age02 Age03 Age04 Age05 Age06 Age07 Age08 Age09 Age10
Cost 5 Food 20 Food 40 Food 75 Food 100 Food 200 Food 350 Food 600 Food 900 Food 1,125 Food

Victory and Defeat

Victory is determined by how many stars you earn during the battle. There are three stars available to be earned in each battle:

  • One star is earned for destroying the enemy Keep.
  • One star is earned for destroying 50% of the buildings.
  • One star is earned for destroying 100% of the buildings.

For each star that you earn, you receive a third of the available Crowns. Failure to get any stars means a loss of Crowns.

Resources Can be Looted

Formula :

Power Level

  • The power level is an addition of the level of your military, fortification and economy upgrades.
  • The formula of your own power level is unknown.
  • The power level is between 1 and 30.
  • If you destroyed the keep of your enemy, you will be able to calculate his power level with the resource amount awarded in the chest:
    • Power level = (Amount of Food - 25) / 60
    • Power level = (Amount of Wood - 25) / 60
    • Power level = (Amount of Stone - 15) / 30
    • Power level = (Amount of Gold - 1)
    • Power level = (Amount of Pennant) / (1 + Reward Chest Bonus)
  • If the chest was a jackpot:
    • Power level = (Amount of Food - 75) / 180
    • Power level = (Amount of Wood - 75) / 180
    • Power level = (Amount of Stone - 45) / 90
    • Power level = (Amount of Gold - 3) / 3
    • Power level = (Amount of Pennant) / (3 + 3 * Reward Chest Bonus)


Matchmaking has nothing to do with the age of your keep. Matchmaking depends on the power level. When you're constantly attacked by people of higher ages, it's a hint for you to upgrade yourself.

This is actually a very well designed feature, and the reason is that if this were not the case, and if it were restricted to the same age then people in an age would upgrade everything but stay in the same age and clobber others. This way, the game would stagnate.


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