"The earliest siege weapons were tree trunks held or suspended to be bashed against defensive gates."


  • Rams have a damage bonus against walls and gates. They are difficult to destroy but are vulnerable to ballistae and trebuchet emplacements.
  • Rams are basic siege units, unlocked from the Level 1 Siege Workshop.
  • Rams are also known as Battering Rams, Capped Rams and Siege Rams depending on the upgrade level.
  • Damage bonus against gates.
  • Very high health points.
  • Quite slow.
  • Attack valuable only against walls and gates.
  • Easily picked by Archer towers.

Offensive Strategy

  • Can be used to reveal engineer traps at a cost of two units without risking precious trebs.
  • Takes down a level 10 gate in merely 4 shots.(less than 3 seconds)
  • Can be used as a tanking units as it can absorb nearly 5 shots from a level 5 Canon tower or 4 shots from a level 3 treb emplacement.
  • Best used when tanking against catapult emplacements, it will take them forever to destroy one siege ram single handedly.

Defensive Strategy

  • Rams CAN NOT be used in defense.
Level Health Attack DPS Training Costs Training Time Upgrade Costs Upgrade Time Required Siege Workshop
1 Battering Ram 6200 225 50 Template:Food 100s / / 1
2 Battering Ram 8000 295 60 Template:Food 100s 2400 Template:Wood 3h 1
3 Capped Ram 10,500 355 355 80 Template:Food 130s 30K Template:Wood 1d 2
4 Capped Ram 12,500 425 425 100 Template:Food 140s 100K Template:Wood 2d 4
5 Siege Ram 15,000 510 510 120 Template:Food 150s 350K Template:Wood 3d 12h 5
6 Siege Ram 18,000 602 612 120 Template:Food 160s 700K Template:Wood 3d 12h 6
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