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"Battering Ram (Level 1-2); Capped Ram (Level 3-4) & Siege Ram (Level 5-6): The earliest siege weapons were tree trunks held or suspended to be bashed against defensive gates."


  • Rams have a damage bonus against walls and gates. They are difficult to destroy but are vulnerable to ballistae and trebuchet emplacements.
  • Rams are basic siege units, unlocked from the Level 1 Siege Workshop.
  • Damage bonus against gates.
  • Very high health points.
  • Quite slow.
  • Attack valuable only against walls and gates.
  • Easily picked by Archer towers.

Offensive Strategy

  • Can be used to reveal engineer traps at a cost of two units without risking precious trebs.
  • Takes down a level 10 gate in merely 4 shots.(less than 3 seconds)
  • Can be used as a tanking units as it can absorb nearly 5 shots from a level 5 Canon tower or 4 shots from a level 3 treb emplacement.
  • Best used when tanking against catapult emplacements, it will take them forever to destroy one siege ram single handedly.

Defensive Strategy

  • Rams CAN NOT be used in defense.


  • Increased movement speed by 25%. Increased Ram’s bonus damage against Gates by 100%. Increased HP by 20%. Reduced the range that rams will seek out gates, allowing them to be more reasonable in target selection. (Patch 1.11)
Level Health Attack DPS Training Cost Training Time Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Siege Workshop Level Required
1 7,440 Health 225 Damage 225 Damage 50 Food 100s N/A N/A 1
2 9,600 Health 295 Damage 295 Damage 60 Food 100s 2,400 Wood 3h 1
3 10,500 Health 355 Damage 355 Damage 80 Food 130s 30,000 Wood 1d 2
4 12,500 Health 425 Damage 425 Damage 100 Food 140s 100,000 Wood 2d 4
5 15,000 Health 510 Damage 510 Damage 120 Food 150s 350,000 Wood 3d 12h 5
6 23,400 Health 612 Damage 612 Damage 120 Food 160s 700,000 Wood 3d 12h 6

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