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*Very high health points.
*Very high health points.
*Slower than a snail.
*Quite slow.
*Attack valuable only against walls and gates.
*Attack valuable only against walls and gates.
*Easily picked by Archer towers.
*Easily picked by Archer towers.

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Template:Unit Infobox Battering Rams are basic siege units, unlocked from the Level 1 Siege Workshop. They take up 2 army camp space. The preferred target of Battering Rams are Gates and they get bonus damage against Gates and Walls.

Battering Rams are also known as Capped Rams and Siege Rams depending on the upgrade level.

General Assessment


  • Damage bonus against gates.
  • Very high health points.


  • Quite slow.
  • Attack valuable only against walls and gates.
  • Easily picked by Archer towers.



  • Can be used to reveal engineer traps at a cost of two units without risking precious trebs.
  • Takes down a level 10 gate in merely 4 shots.(less than 3 seconds)
  • Can be used as a tanking units as it can absorb nearly 5 shots from a level 5 Canon tower or 4 shots from a level 3 treb emplacement.
  • Best used when tanking against catapult emplacements, it will take them forever to destroy one siege ram single handedly.


  • Cannot be used in defense.


Level Health Attack Training Costs Training Time Upgrade Costs Upgrade Time Required Siege Workshop
1 Battering Ram 6200 225 50 food 100 sec free instantaneous 1
2 Battering Ram 8000 295 60 food 100 sec 2400 wood 3h 1
3 Capped Ram 10,500 355 80 food 130 sec 30,000 wood 1d 2
4 Capped Ram 12,500 425 100 food 140 sec 100,000 wood 2d 4
5 Siege Ram 15,000 510 food sec 350,000 wood 3d 12h 5
6 food sec ood d h m
? food sec ood d h m
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