"Ballista Tower (Level 1-3): Light artillery saw use primarily in siege attacks against enemy troops and fortifications but could also be deployed in a set defensive position."

"Cannon Tower (Level 4-7): These early gunpowder weapons appeared in the west in the fourteenth century and proved instrumental in the Ottoman defeat of Constantinople in 1453."


  • Ballista towers (Cannon Tower starting at level 4) fire a huge spear-like projectile that does overwhelming damage to siege weapons. Although it takes a while to reload and cannot shoot units next to it, the ballista tower deals out massive damage with each shot.
  • Great against siege weapons
  • Cannot attack units in close proximity. Try grouping with Crossbow Towers.
  • Slow firing speed, which allows fast units, such as Cavalry, to get up close.
  • Can pierce enemies in a line, making it very effective against bunched units.

Offensive Strategy

  • As ballista/cannon towers can only target one unit at a time, you can use Infantry to draw their fire while other units take down the tower.
  • While the ballista/cannon is distracted, the following units are good for attacking it.

*Don't send these units in if there are Crossbow Towers or Flame Towers near the base of the tower

Defensive Strategy

  • Placing ballista towers near areas of wall that are vulnerable to siege weapons is a great way to utilize their power.

Level Health Attack DPS Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Required Age
1 8,000 Health 1,925 DPS 404 DPS 24,000 Stone 1d 12h Age05
2 9,600 Health 2,200 DPS 461 DPS 60,000 Stone 2d 12h Age06
3 11,040 Health 2,500 DPS 524 DPS 120,000 Stone 3d 12h Age06
4 12,696 Health 2,875 DPS 689 DPS 325,000 Stone 5d 6h Age07
5 14,283 Health 3,300 DPS 989 DPS 450,000 Stone 7d 12h Age08


16,068 Health 3,630 DPS 1,088 DPS 1,250,000 Stone 10d Age09


17,675 Health 3,940 DPS 1,181 DPS 1,450,000 Stone 12d Age10

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