"Among the earliest fortified structures, towers provided archers with a wide view of the surrounding countryside."


  • Archer towers are your castle's most fundamental defense. These towers have good range and do moderate damage, and can be upgraded significantly through the ages. Well-placed archer towers can protect a wide area.
  • The Archer Tower is the basic line of defense for your castle. It shoots a steady stream of arrows at a medium range. It's damage is not substantial but it's rapid attacks make up for it.
  • Medium range
  • Significant upgrades over ages
  • Crossbowmen and Grenadiers are its weaknesses

Offensive Strategy

Defensive Strategy

  • Placing properly will cover wide area and protect short-range towers

Level Health Attack DPS Upgrade Time Upgrade Cost Required Age
1 1,250 Health 40 DPS 120 DPS 15s 200 Wood Age01
2 4,500 Health 45 DPS 135 DPS 30m 1,600 Wood Age02
3 5,250 Health 54 DPS 162 DPS 2h 2,750 Wood Age03
4 7,500 Health 62 DPS 186 DPS 6h 4,500 Stone Age04
5 9,000 Health 72 DPS 216 DPS 16h 14,500 Stone Age05
6 10,350 Health 83 DPS 249 DPS 1d 40,000 Stone Age06
7 11,903 Health 95 DPS 285 DPS 1d 16h 80,000 Stone Age06
8 13,391 Health 108 DPS 324 DPS 2d 8h 200,000 Stone Age07
9 15,056 Health 119 DPS 357 DPS 4d 300,000 Stone Age08

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