Age of Empires Castle Siege Wiki

"Archer (Level 1-2): Invented long before the Medieval Era, increasing technological advancements let archers dominate combat for a time."

"Composite Bowman (Level 3-5): Initially technologically behind the bows of the east, Europe eventually saw bows made of composite materials for added penetrating power."

"Great Bowman (Level 6-7): Greatbows were roughly the height of a man and drawn back to the jaw. They delivered a powerful impact able to pierce all but the strongest armor."


  • Archers can shoot over walls and are excellent when protected by heavy infantry.
  • Archers are basic ranged soldiers, unlocked from the Level 2 Archery Range
  • Only 1 army slot for a unit that can attack over-the-wall.(must be close)
  • Fair hit points,
  • No bonus damages.
  • Has a slightly higher range then Crossbow and Flame towers.

Offensive Strategy

  • Should be used in bunch to skirmish over the walls at the end of the game.
  • Also can be used to rush the keep in bunch.

Defensive Strategy

  • Not the best Guard house choice as they have low health.
  • Best used on walls
  • Try to place them on the most unexpected areas of the castle in bunch so they cannot be picked by mamluks and LB's very easily and so they prove their worth by taking down trebs at the later stages of the game or even kill the skirmishing chierosiphones.
Level Health Attack DPS Training Cost Training Time Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Archery Range Level Required
1 200 Health 30 Damage 15 Damage 25 Food 50s N/A N/A 2
2 260 Health 36 Damage 18 Damage 35 Food 60s 9,000 Food 10h 3
3 340 Health 43 Damage 21 Damage 40 Food 65s 30,000 Food 1d 4
4 442 Health 52 Damage 26 Damage 50 Food 70s 125,000 Food 2d 5
5 575 Health 62 Damage 31 Damage 60 Food 75s 375,000 Food 3d 12h 6
6 690 Health 70 Damage 35 Damage 70 Food 80s 750,000 Food 5d 7
7 828 Health 104 Damage 52 Damage Food 85s 1,500,000 Food 7d 8

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