Template:Hero Infobox Alexander Nevsky is a third tier Kievan Rus hero riding in a catapult. Upgrades at Hall of Heroes.

General Assessment


  • Towers, building and walls.
  • Area damage.




  • Alexander is arguably the best hero. Use his ability to cause huge destruction to an enemy's base. Aim for towers and trebuchet emplacements.
  • Make sure to use a distraction unit to draw fire away from Nevsky.
  • When using Scorched Earth, attack different targets to spread the fire damage around.
  • With or without his ability turned on, use Nevsky to attack a wall or building in front of a tower. If you do this correctly, he can use area damage to destroy the towers whilst being out of the towers range.


  • Heros cannot be used in defense.


Level Health Attack DPS # Times Use Special Recovery Time Upgrade Costs Upgrade Time
1 12,000 550 181 1 6h  3,500 pennants Instantaneously
2 13,800 633 2 7h 7,500 pennants 2 days
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