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|imagenumber = 1
|imagenumber = 1
|image = Kievan Rus3.png
|image1 = Kievan Rus3.png
|building = [[Hall of Heroes]]
|building = [[Hall of Heroes]]
|civilization = [[Kievan Rus]]
|civilization = [[Kievan Rus]]

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"Alexander fought for the prince of Kiev and defeated invasions by the German and Swedish people to keep Kiev independent."


Offensive Strategy

  • Use Alexander's Scorched Earth special ability to temporarily launch flaming projectiles that ignite their targets and any surrounding buildings or troops.
  • Alexander is arguably the best hero. Use his ability to cause huge destruction to an enemy's base. Aim for towers and trebuchet emplacements.
  • Make sure to use a distraction unit to draw fire away from Nevsky.
  • When using Scorched Earth, attack different targets to spread the fire damage around.
  • With or without his ability turned on, use Nevsky to attack a wall or building in front of a tower. If you do this correctly, he can use area damage to destroy the towers whilst being out of the towers range.
Level Health Attack DPS Recovery Time Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Ability
1 12,000 Template:Health 550 Template:Attack 181 Template:Attack 6h Template:Time 3,500 Template:PKievan Rus N/A x1 Template:Attack
2 13,800 Template:Health 633 Template:Attack 208 Template:Attack 7h Template:Time 7,500 Template:PKievan Rus 2d x2 Template:Attack